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I'm Wendy and I'm a hardcore A+ from Canada. Mireu is my adorable, dumb baby and his hyungs are my five-year-old idiots. I stan MBLAQ so hard so don't expect any other groups on here. All posts are on queue but feel free to ask!

While Mir was helping Kim Byung Man move the raft across the river, Kim Byung Man asked him to check the depth of the river so he could tell the other tribe members to cross over by foot if it was shallow enough. He then told Mir to go back because the river was too deep on his side and it seemed safe enough to get back to the beach. But as Mir went towards the beach, the current was too strong for him to move in that direction, then the water depth changed from being knee-length to the length of his body and he panicked. He kept yelling out that the water level was too deep but some of the tribe members couldn’t tell if he was joking, they didn’t know it was that severe. It was not until Choo Sung Hoon told everyone to get a boat for him when they finally knew how serious the situation was.

After Mir was saved, he tried to keep a happy expression on his face, telling the other members that he panicked because he didn’t think the depth of the water would change so much. The PD came to comfort him and the first words Mir said were words of apology and he finally started sobbing into the PD’s shoulders. Even though Mir was clearly shaken up, his first thoughts were about how sorry he felt towards the crew, and he fully blamed himself for the situation, saying that he was too careless. It was Mir’s first day in the jungle, as the maknae/newcomer of the tribe, he’s not really expected to help out Kim Byung Man to that extent. Sure people might call him stupid for underestimating dangers of the river like that, but I call it bravery, and I actually admire how he automatically jumped in to help without even thinking about his own safety first. This kid seriously deserves way more respect than he gets.

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    Poor baby, everyone could have had the same reaction as him, don’t be to rude with you
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